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Can You See...?

2016 is fading away and in two hours, it be over and we'll be in 2017.
Wow! What a year it hasbeen!

Iwonderwhattheyearhasbeenforyou, Ihopeithasbeengoodthough, Ihopeyoudidallyouwantedto. Butincaseyoudidn'torcouldn'tfinishallyousetouttodo, youcanalwayscarryover.
Don'tsaybecauseyoucouldn'taccomplishyourgoalsfor 2016, you'lljumpoverandlet it perish and start planning a new one.

You might not really make progress, Like tangible progress if you choose to leave your previous goals in 2016 as it fades away. Carry it into the new year and work with it.

Make sure you get the best out of life, don't seat and wait for life to present something to you, take out of life what you want.
Welcome to 2017 in less than two hours (from us in Nigeria) God bless you.#brillsxpression  lovewell...

Save A Life Today

Okay so I found this picture someone shared today on Facebook, it got my attention.I think a lot about these guys who has got no one to help, support them in  a way.The environment alone where they take shelter and what they eat is not a good sight at all, and I'm thinking, what can I do to get to this indigent children?What help can I give to safe a life. I know I get involved in charity here and there but I need to do more. This kids are precious, they're the leaders of tomorrow. We've got to assist in every way we can to save their lives.I love the Innercitymissionof the Christ Embassy Initiative. Good job! Where they pick this indigent children, organize a 'back to school campaign' for them with food bank, shelter and lots more for this kids.Like Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome PhD. DD will always say... "Every child is your child". If you think of it that way, you'll be able to treat every child you meet well.Let's not neglect this children, let…

One Look At You

There Where it all began.
It was right there where the meeting held.
After when I thought it was over,
Love was never gonna find me.I was lost in the crowd, lost to the world.
Covered with shadows of sharks,
Swallowed by the wind with no one to find me.
Laced with doubt's and pain of emptiness.I heard the sound of sound.
I heard it loud, I heard it, I was sure!
It was phony, so I thought because I had so much to believe in and every of my believe  worked out so far.I wasn't giving up, I wasn't going to wait neither.
I heard the sound again.
More real than I expected,
Soft spoken but strong.
I lifted me up to gaze upon the request.And one look at you, changed me forever.
One look at you, brought me here.
One look at you, brought the light and filled my empty house that laid waste long ago. With you in line, its dunzo.

If You Won't Stay

Don't reach me if you won't stay.
Don't hold my hands if it's only when you want to.
Don't tell me you love me if its not forever,
Because forever is too long to live in your mystery bag.Amazingly, the only time we are happy with ourselves is the time when we ride on others emotions and play with what is of outmost important to them.You think you are a saint, you haven't done that before, because you think in your head that this must have been done by the most terrible human beings on earth.
You remove yourself and tag others without proper examination. And sometimes you even know but lie to yourself that you are not aware because there's absolutely no one or evidence to prove.Shockingly , you have.  And whether you believe it or not, you tried playing a smart one on someone just so you can think of  yourself wise, then you beat your chest for smartness.What goes around, comes around. Just because you think your smart, doesn't mean the world is saturate…

Embrace Freedom

Just when you think you're done, its never going to happen, you're at the peak now. That's when love comes knocking and makes a home with you.Its easier said, so most people think and say a lot of times but either way, you have to understand that life is important, very important that we must live our best and give our best because life is short to waste it on things that don't matter.Whether or not you want to break away to freedom, it always comes back to you now or later, despite the pain you once had that's gone now, or the sweetness-ball that was once there but paused to return.
Always remember that time is all that matters, love is an assistant enhancer to a future purpose of great value.
So don't be afraid to fly. Don't hesitate when love comes. Be proud to sing your song and make it the loudest, embrace freedom!
#brillsxpression love well...

I Found You!

Silentwingwavingatme.Silently he watched and waited to be seen in his silky slimy self.Deciding not to move, he made his way down the hall, skimming through.Waiting to be heard and understood by her as he was exposed by the din of dim made as he made he's way down.Alarming the guards and himself in a state of confusion and neglect, he bowed out hoping she gets the message and not regret.To be indisposed to talk is not an issue he thought, or is it? But putting it on the billboard and giving gestures of some sort with every mood of communication is.How can I be silent and speak at the same time? I want her but I don't know if I want to keep her. Can I assure her, her wall will be built as high as she would want?Can I paint my words with gold and when broken up, turns gold still? He kept saying these words as his eyes met hers and his soul melted in the silent slate left locked away to love.He exclaimed! I found you! I found you! My forever is you and you only.Thanks for reading…

Setups Or Setbacks - Merrychristmas!

Heard of a love you can't deny? Came to you when you didn't do anything to deserve it?A love you didn't wish for or planned somehow in the future, but showed up anyway for nothing.In the eyes of love, you are the best,  most attractive and most beautiful. You didn't have to do anything for him to love you, he just loves you anyway.You didn't have to work to get it, you didn't have to wear a beautiful dress or a makeover to be noticed but was given to you on a platter of gold. That's the true definition of #christmas- the real reason for love, the true meaning of jesus' birthday.So have yourself a merry Christmas. Show/give love to everyone today, even those you do not know their names because true love does not need the details, does not need to know backgrounds or setups or setbacks, it just act upon it.Love is not details. Does not need to know the storyline to decide.
No need to survey love, just love.When you remember how someone came and died sayi…

Works And Actions

Okay so today has been busy for me, so much to do...Its not so much about having everything you've ever dreamed/imagined, but creating time for the people who cares about you its a big deal. I mean, it might not be to you but to them, it is.It's crucial and essential to make the people you love feel love. Its not only on the lips, when you tell them you love them. They need to feel it and know for sure and the only way to know is to do things that proves it.It doesn't have to be much, it only needs to come out from the heart.♥whether you believe it or not, people can see your heart by your works and actions. You only need to act and you'll get an interpretation.In order words, life is too short not to live it right and live it well. Do everything when you're supposed to and don't do anything when you're not suppose to.Have a lovely evening y'all.Brillsxpressionlovewell

Staring At The Sheet (myloveseries10)

No reason to doubt... You don't have to feel insecure because I only have eyes for you. You alone touches the spot in my heart where no one has ever reached, and you alone fill the vacuum in my heart every one tries but fails.You know me well, you've seen all of me. I hope we don't get those law in place and miss the best times of our lives.I hope we don't keep the record laced with lies from the train that brought disappointment. Ihopewedon'tgetslicedupgivingconcerns to things that mattersnottous.Our firmness is you and I bonding. Your target is my goal to remaininlovewithyou.She said all this to him and in return he opened his mouth but nothing came out, so instead, he wrote this words for her...My mine,
Its you and I for life, for everything that comes our way, its you and I and you are my goal fortomorrow, for tomorrowneverends...

Staring at the sheet, she smiled and hoped for the future story of their love for always.Thanksforreading... Lovewell...


A Dark Noting

I can't control my sense when I'm with you or thinking about you.Whatever I am is subject, when it comes to you.You alone completes my world.
You alone makes it desirable, you alone make it so...This few lines dropped in mind today and I have to stop my chores to blog this.Wow! Will there ever be a day or a time for me when I'll think and talk about something else other than love???
I go by the name, love doctor now lol.
The thing is, without love, the world would have been a dark noting for us all.#brillsxpressionLove well
Thanks for reading..

Tons Of Love

Don'tStress,just live.And if you truly love someone, don't force them to love you in return.Just pray it grows in their heart. But if it doesn't, be grateful you were able to love them right...#brillsxpression lovewell..

The Button - I Pray For You

I wanted to reach you.
I wanted to call you
just for always
just to know you're okay
just to know you're fine
and for you to know
that I think of you
and that I'll never stop
because I meant those words I said
whether now or ages ago
that I love you
and that, this heart still beat
but paused now till you return
to push the button again.Every day, every night
I go out to make a wish
On a distant star so near
On everything up
So they can travel with my note to you
Whispering tons of my love in tongues of affection to youI pray for you
for God to guide you
protect you and keep you from harm.
And even though I can't see you, I know you're safe and taken care of
Because I pray for you.

Love well...

It's Thanksgiving

Thinking about how I got here, how I made it through, how he sustained me and gave me his whole body for a lifting and assurance.
Its always too hard when it comes to me to explain who he is, because words don't make enough sense to explain him on...
And words will never be enough to count my blessings or name them because the moment I thought to, he does another and another...
I've never seen a God like this or heard something close to him. Even man that he made in his image (which is suppose to be close in character)  is capable of change but, not this God.
Now I know there are things that he cannot afford.
He cannot afford lie, lack, sickness, poverty, failure etc
That's why I love him and trust him to lead me on because whatever he's got for me, is best cause I know his thoughts for me are better and higher than mine -#Brillsxpression#happythanksgivingall #stillspreading #happysunday #godblessyou


You!Only me can see you deeply, down inside and beyond because I understand and I care too much to careless...

Welcome December

Its December...
Welcome to the last month of the year.I read a post someone made, he said "someone please tell me is not December already" lolObviously that person is not ready for the month. And it feels like he was cut aware... Ready or not, the month will not wait for you. That's why you must do all you need to, to beat time, so it doesn't take you unawares.Perhaps, you couldn't realize your goals for the year doesn't mean it's not possible, anything is possible just believe. It can happen now, tomorrow or next so don't be disappointed or go worrying.And though it doesn't happen still, just remember that all things work together for good. Be strong, it can only get better and will happen for you some day as you work towards the goal.This is my first post for these month but couldn't post it that day cause I was having some challenges signing into the blog. Its better now...Be thankful you're here. God bless you. #Happynewmonth

Leave It To Practice (myloveseries9)

Maybe its something you said......or something you did.Often wonder why things are the way they are in your relationship?Ever asked why it was all sweet and chocolate the first few months and went sour later on?Well... If you haven't, I have.
Sometimes I question myself and I don't rest until I provide the correct answer to calm me down.I always do my best to love well. I love myself so much that I can do anything for myself. If I haven't loved you to that extent, then I haven't loved you enough.When I go beyond loving myself, (doing things I've never done for me for you) it means I have gone deep, too deep with you and that is love.But the question is... What happened along the love walk? What went wrong? What caused the pain? What brought the tears?When one person decides to be selfish, less communicative, less time with you, every other thing starts to go.
If lovers will continually lock themselves up with passion and compassion for each other, truth will not b…

Try Again (myloveseries8)

Be love personified.
If your "unreserved love" has never been questioned or tested, its still at the baby - stage house. And if it has been  but failed, it means you haven't gotten there yet, you're just a baby -lover testing waters.HOW TO KNOW YOU'RE ON TRACK1. when you don't feel like loving but it exudes from you.2. When you're faced with real life challenges but you still want to help (your spouse).3. When everything around disapproves but you hold on to the force (love) in you cause it prevails. 4. When you're at the point where you shut everyone out but listen to one voice (your lover) to bring you back.5. When it looks like there's no way out but you hold your hands together and make the journey. You have to know and be sure you can rely on yourself before you add a life to you.
Some people don't know this and as it sounds, some don't trust themselves. I've heard people talk like that about not trusting themselves.How can someon…

Imperfectly perfect(myloveseries7)

We are programmed and conditioned to love.Why do we fall in and out of love as naturally as breathing...?...  If it's so natural and real, why do we make a mess of it and fail at every opportunity we get to prove it??? We have never learned to love properly, that's the reason.The bond of attachment were formed long before the words "I love you" were understood.We learned to love from our parents. The kind words, kissing, tender touch and caressing from childhood prepared us for adulthood (relationships) where lovers kiss and express their love for each other.Another way we learn to love is by observing the love our parents showed to each other (we learn how mummy treat daddy)Some of us didn't grow up from such homes where love is expressed but turn out to be fantastic lovers  (I'm a witness) . We learned from homes where it was expressed and we took it with us subconsciously.I didn't grow up in a home where my father showed love to my mother anyway becau…

Thought Box

Check the weight of what you do...We've been told that if we want to know the weight of something ( the price of a thing) we should check the price tag.If you can't afford something means its expensive and it doesn't mean you can never be able to, you just need time.
It's only time that stands between you and that thing.So give it what it deserves. (Time)Don't just sit and do nothing, get up and do something - as time goes, it carries the ugly with it and brings the beautiful as long as you were doing the right. In all, that's what we truly need to accomplish much or let go of ourselves...Check the weight of what you do. What inspires you?Everything around me cries out for attention. My  books, my cloths, the wall, people, the air etc. When I look at all of them, it makes me want to write and write, cause my inspiration is drawn from everything, everything...But that's not all, get what you want and be happy😁 that's what matters.Peace🙏🙏🙏

Random Thoughts 2

The outcome
The stage
The period
The word:- was all that was left.They said it didn't matter
They said I shouldn't bother
The road is for the rider they said.
But...The rider became the road
And bore the rod so hard
The wind could not help
The trees looked away
As the battle emergedMy eyes were fixed
As I began to read-
The words on each one
Written with all colors
Mixed with wine
and brought to be staged.This is the outcome!The wounds could not heal
The pain could not leave
The day did not come -
At the time of the pressure.
Only one word was law... Who knows...?

Collect Moments Not Things (myloveseries6)

If I told you everything I love about you, I'd never be able to finish...Mhmm.... love again?  Brill!  Oh yeah! Love again.  It makes me happy in a way no one can.Love has found love in me...I like it so much when I get butterflies in my stomach, I  feel like bursting into flames when I hear your name.I found out that love is not finding someone to live with, but finding someone you can't live without, so...If you have someone in your life that make you smile even when they're not around, build a fence around them and never let them out.Sounds selfish yeah?  Not so, it just means to do all you can to keep them.Sometimes, its hard to find the words to say, you wish they could just hear them when you stare without voicing.You wish they see it in the stars when they look up. You wish they see it in your eyes when they look at you.If you had your way, you would have written it on  the streets, tell the birds to sing it every second, so they could understand what goes on in you…

Love Is Complete(myloveseries5)

Have you ever loved somebody so much and found out they love you in return? Have you ever given all to love until it was your life left to give? It even gets to the point where the life you have is no longer yours because your lost in it (love)It has swallowed you up like when you drop bread in a bowl of honey and few minutes later, you can't find it solid cause it has been covered and converted to another type of bread.That's exactly how it is when you give your entirety to love. It consumes you until you become blind to other people and only have eyes for just that one you adore..I don't know how some people are able to love and cheat, this is not included in the characteristics of love. Pure love is forever true, no doubts, no confusion, just bliss.Love is.... I surrender to your will and all that you are.Love is love, and love is life. Love is complete...

Turn It On! (Myloveseries4)

There are over six billion people in the worldBut...I want you!Counting the days, hours and now... Minutes. Everything is perfectly arranged. Prepared for me. And I am thinking 'DEEPLY'today is Saturday 18th November 2016 and I'm at the international pastors and partners conference award night. After the #loveworld anthem was taken, two words got my attention -"life of giving" and "love is shed abroad in our hearts".Love is synonymous with giving.You can't love without giving. No matter what you're giving out, as long as you give it without second thoughts -_you're in love.I'm in no way saying giving is the way to know true love. There are some set of people who can give you "the world" but do not love you in any way, instead they are interested in something else... *sealedlips*Love gives everything. It does not think of itself first,  It is the light of the whole world and without it, the world will be in total darkness.You kn…

Love Is Not Occasional (myloveseries3)

Ever heard the saying... Love like it's your last and live like there's no tomorrow?Why keep what you want for today for tomorrow ?
Why buy that beautiful dress and keep it for that occasion when you can use it today?
Why hurt love when you know you can never recover in a million years ? Many times I ask myself why love is the way it is.
I wonder how it was formed and put in us. I can't fathom the depth and how one can truly, sincerely and deeply love someone in spite of them. Over looking EVERYTHING they've ever done and trusting your entire world into their hands hoping that they'll keep it safe and protect your heart from bleeding and breaking away.
Haha... That's love¡It is a beautiful sight yet it can only be felt with the heart.Love is a constant reminder of who God is. A display of unbreakable and indescribable love.
If you've never Being in a state where you feel the way God feels like when you love someone, you've never really lived (loved).…

Love Speaks Eternity (myloveseries2)

Lets talk about love...Do you know one thing discovered, it does not take permission from us, and does not let us know what it wants to do...  Who knows??   L  .O .V. E.Love is a deep, intense - feeling, profound attraction towards someone. It's beyond the surface and it exceeds every bound,
It is a complete end. An endorsement with pride. A signature that soothes when written consistently with passion and pride.Love is to a life what a scent is to a rose.
It is the most powerful emotion and gift given to us by God.Love is eternal.Love is I know you. I know the you in you, and I have full knowledge of where you're coming from, where you have been, and what you are now. It may not look it but I love you is my constant words to you, with meanings that speaks eternity.Love is I respect you!Love is... I know all the sides but I want to stay!
It is a deep penetration beyond the face to the soul and mind of your lover. Hmmmm! Love is a BIG word to talk about yet small. It is above …

Question And Answer session From (myloveseries)

Hi hi..
Here's a conversation I had this morning with one of  my buddies who read my post yesterday (myloveseries1) and has questions so I decided to share it (with permission)Gab: Good morning
MissBrill: Morning
Gab: Okay what are you doing?
MissBrill: Blogging
Gab: Have you eaten?
MissBrill: Yes!
Gab: Nice write up but I gat some questions for ya???
MissBrill: Ok! Shoot!!!
Gab: Does love hurt?
MissBrill: Yeah!
Gab: Is it meant to?
MissBrill: No!
Gab: So why does it hurt?
MissBrill: Its not supposed to, when you love someone truly, You accept the sweetness and the opposite.
Gab: Okay!
MissBrill: Some hurts are not intended.
Gab: Really, does that mean that in the journey of love, getting hurt is inevitable?
MissBrill: Yea!
  So you have to prepare your mind. It might even be you who will hurt the other. Like I said before, real love don't make or have plan to hurt the other.
Gab: So why indulge in something you know will hurt you?
MissBrill: Nobod…

No Forms Of Love -MyLoveSeries1

Woke up this morning feeling... Who knows? Lol

People always ask me why I write about love and relationship the most; I told them... "there is nothing more to talk about if it's not love" It makes life easy and without it, the world will be empty even though there are people living in it"

I've been in love and still loving. I can never get or give enough of it. It makes every thing else alive. Every time I see the one my heart beats  for, I fall in love all over again because loving  you was never an option.

Even though we decide to remain, we love first! It comes to us like someone looking for chocolate or honey. It finds us...

Ever wished there were some ways to show your love? Not the normal love-speech we give and gifts or the sacrifices we make. I mean a way our hearts can speak out loud and say...  Hey! I'm crazy about you and if you let me, I will love you forever.

I know we can tell sometimes who has feelings for us if we pay attention to details, y…

Dont Stop There

It is SUNDAY today, I'm excited I went to church, hope you did.

God is the real reason for your existence, every other thing is a myth, he deserves your all. I learned that we can do a lot more about who we are. We can change so many things we don't like with our words by speaking consistently to yourself and to what you want to change. For instance, you can change your name if it doesn't give good meaning. Names like Mary (sorrowfully bitter) Reuben(unstable)  etc

Find out the meanings of your name for Christ sake. So it doesn't affect your future because of each time your called eg. Sorrowfully bitter! (Mary) You answer; Do you think that that person will continually know joy? Oh NO! Its a law that'll naturally take place.

Where you are now, is as a result of what you said  and did yesterday... Surprised? Don't be, that's a fact. The things you say today and do,  go ahead to wait for you in the future. If you want to be a musician like me,  and you don&…

Place Him There

Lying on my bed today as I reminisce on the activities of yesterday.
I had an all-day rehearsal and an all-night rehearsal. From 10am till 6pm, and 9pm to 6am. It was what I expected as I've been through the process before. So it wasn't a big deal for me because giving my time to God is all that I live for and its nothing compared to what he's done for me.I learnt knew things/skills as I met with different people. It's really a  big deal as I see people travel down from different parts of the world to meet in one place for just one purpose - "to worship". To give their everything to the God who first gave he's everything.I learnt new voice techniques and was able to apply it to my singing.In the midst of all that was going on, all I could see was great love for what they (we) do. It takes passion to pull that off, to pull off something so strong. The presence of God was so strong as we practiced our song for the conference. Not the conference itself, but …

Never Enough

The reason why we work perfectly is not because we didn't face all the bad times together (we sure did). But because we learn to hold our hands while we walk through it  knowing That the situation  came to test our love.So we will not bow and toss the ball because what we have is more real than what we see.I love you forever!

Broken Vessels..

The days have gone better with the night.
With my guise, I am on.
Not antsy, but relaxed with this symphony
Re-echoing in my head...It's amazing to see how God practically loves us.
Showing us every day how he can mend us, and make
us whole again, in spite of the brokenness...Re-echoing in my head for the past seven days...#Hillsong...All the pieces
Broken and scattered
In mercy gattered
Mended and whole
Empty handed
But not forsaken
I've been set free
I've been set freeAmazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved someone like me
I once was lost
But now I'm  found
Was blind but now I seeOh I can see you now
Oh I  can see the love in your eyes
Laying yourself down
Raising up the broken to lifeYou take our failure
You take our weakness
You set your treasure
In jars of clay
So take this heart, Lord
I'll be your vessel
The world to see
Your love in meAmazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved someone like me
I once was lost
But now I'm  found
Was blind but now I seeOh I can see you now
Oh I…

The Need To Be Loved

In recent times, I have observed carefully the reason for the "superman syndrome".  A man who is giving that billing is not entirely true most times. Some men become aggressive in things they're comfortable with and when they feel vulnerable, they shut down and withdraw, protecting their image.

whether real or imagined, most men feel that they are expected to know everything and be in control at all times. But when it comes to our hearts,we are not always in control of what we feel. Rather than exposing ourselves,we camouflage our deepest thoughts by parading our strength.

just beneath the beating of the drums of our "I've got it together parade" is someone who needs to feel safe deeply. Safe enough to be vulnerable and honest.
Safe enough to see the challenge and the way beyond.Not ignoring the trials but accepting to perform the charge of genuine care-love.

Revival isn't just for the churches but also in everything we hold dear. If we are going to hav…

Every love is love, but not every love lasts forever.

No matter how long you wait.
Or how hard you push with love in your heart.
You'll always find... "placement- uttering sacrifice- host". Don't change a thing.
People take rolls in all they play, in whatever play they choose to act.
Displaying their reality and never sorry about their actions.

whether it will be in favor of you, no one knows, but them.
As you place yourself in their hands.
uttering and keeping them safe, with the sacrifice that cannot be measured
While you host.

Don't ever be sad if you're pushed away (erase dirt)
Just remember not to hold on so tight, so you'll know when to let go.
Every love is love, but not every love lasts forever.

I pray yours do. I pray yours last forever.
I pray yours find what it needs and hold on for later.
For it can conquer what it's aware of, and make safe what it cherishes.

If every matter can be discussed, we will always have solutions. Weather in silent or when we speak about them, but there must be a telling. Without t…

I'm thinking about you..

I'm thinking about you.
Yes! I'm thinking about you.
Every time and everywhere.
It looks like it will never end.
And I can't wave away any parts...

For the things you never said,
is what I've heard always.
The times you say them, you never knew.
And though you never opened your mouth to speak,
I heard all I needed to hear and felt all.

I need you! so much!
For different methods didn't work.
I know now that I cannot escape you.
You've gone so deep, deep down in me.
When I think my blood is flowing-its the moment I feel your touch

Its crazy to think that the air falling on my skin is your breath,
And the movement of it still is your hand.
I can never wake up from this, even though I'm not asleep.
I can never push you away, If you decide a moment for yourself.
I can never miss my way back to you, for I can see even in the dark.

You fill my day with hope even though you never knew.
You make me laugh even when you're not beside me.
You give me strength when I can't find you t…


It's the heart that knows what the eyes refused to show.
It's the eyes that speak, what the mouth has refused to.
It's the mind that dwells on you as thought for long.
And ponders in "minutes':months':years" ...
As it looks... Searching for the keeper of the soul.

Waiting for you with passion to unlock.
With wisdom to keep my love-soul.
To know when it hurts and when to bear.
When to shelter, and when to hold on.
When it's cold, to light a fire of love underneath.

When I'm vulnerable, you are my security.
You are strength in my weakness.
As you look upon me with such tenderness...
With steps to make me aware you care.
No words here is compared to what I feel to express.

No words here can break through the silent slate of my heart.
To convey meaningfully, my unreserved affection for you.
For love is the completeness of my estate, and the search buttons of my life.
I am nothing without love, I am empty without you.
You are a soldier with no weaponry, my walls break st…

Come out!

Hello dear...

Hope you had a great weekend.
I came across some stuff I wrote years ago (since 2009) and love to share. 

See this...

Where were you?
 when the leaves have gone to bed?
where were you?
 when the trees were clapping their hands?
Dancing to the rhythms, with melodies that are speak-able.
Life, love, light each counts, and the moon smiles on it.
Shaking off the debris that showered o'er them, as it draws to shine.
See it white and bright, see it gloom and clean.

Let that someone find you. Don't stay all up in your closet...
If there'll be a change, it must begin with you.
Come out in the open and declare freedom.
There is no difficulty in anything, as long as you don't make it so.
Feel the air on your skin, and breath...
The sun and the moon are in company with you.
Shinning on every path you choose to follow.
making everything that looks impossible, simple.

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The continuation...

After breaking up, some people decide to try out new things, in doing that, they pick up attitudes and styles that are not consistent with their personality. Some belittle themselves unconsciously.
During this process of healing, you have to constantly remind yourself who you are... Sometimes, when I'm faced with some real deep issues, I ask myself, Brill, who are you? what are you doing?? It helps me bring back my sanity and my state of being. So, you can try that too. Stop for a moment and ask yourself that, be sure to answer and try to keep it simple.
Another reason why people lose themselves again is by telling themselves lies about who they are, because you think he broke up with you, because you are not up to he's standard( according to him) and that seem to be the reason why you want to dress in someone else's cloths. It won't help you. Take it from me, whatever reason why they ended the relationship is not a guarantee for misbeha…



How you doing? Probably wondering if I was coming on today huh? Well... Here I am lol.
Few things on my mind I want to share..

How do we mend our hearts after its been broken?? 

This kept me up all night. I was up thinking about it and I know certainly how a lot of people react to this and how they manage to deal.
You'd be surprised to hear how some people handle such situations. Its sad to know, and that doesn't mean I don't have a clue.
Its had to relate when the heart is heavy and pained and everything doesn't seem to help at such times.

 Acceptance is one way of letting go. You can't lie to yourself about the situation at hand even though some people do, but YOU! have got to accept it. Cry, feel all the pain. suck it all up and be vulnerable because weather you like it or not, you are at this time, so, accept the fact that you can't do much about the situation and feel all you want to.

Secondly, BE IN CHARGE.
You mu…

Blank sheet

Staring at my blank sheet as I insist on writing.
For few minutes, that didn't happen. And I tried to achieve this as I organised different postures.
Tried unlocking myself, my head, my heart, my mind, my entire being.  I was fascinated I couldn't come up with something to put down.

I stared at everything that could whisper somehow, words that would engage me, but that! was a complete dunzo. Like a narc around Ghost in the movie... 'Power'.  was the feeling, and yet, it didn't get better and I couldn't care-less because I needed my act on my stage (my sheet) because it did matter if it didn't happen.

All those times I was there, I noticed my hand moving at the speed of a writer, and I couldn't relate until I looked at my sheet, and here's what I saw... My hands wrote, as my words were thought.
Everything I had to think, my hands were writing. And the writing was a short seven minutes, which brought a lot of completeness satisfaction.

Now I feel like…

Silent times.

The times when you feel like its over.
The times when you feel there's nothing left for you,
because everything is pinned and facing that direction.
You wondered if you could ever get it right.
You seem lost, alone and somehow afraid.
You don't want to show your deepest thoughts to those close-
for fear of rejection. Is how far you've journeyed.

These are silent times...
At most, no one wants to be close.
Even the closest wants to leave.
Others are uncertain for no cause.
Yet they can't find the words...

These are silent times...
For the weight of what you carry,
and the pain you want to share, but no one to listen.
You move around in empty space.
For you strive to end the race.

These are silent times...
For everything you care about, and for what you want to save.
You have to pay a price, you have to pay attention.
If you must make this journey, then you most make it well.
Act your thoughts if its crystal, and maintain your speed.
No one needs to know, but everyone must hear-
how you won th…

my thoughts...

As time passes.
As rhymes fades...

As oceans never part-
the passion of a soul.
Is a sign for you, a trade for me.

Emptiness is a phase.
Living right is a stage.
Drowning is a way of explanation sustained.

We choose, we live,
Our choice, our lives. 
Whatever happens...

We bear both-blow. 
And run roaring race,
To end our turn and produce our own.
With passion and connection,
Is our journey forever told..

Good morning, enjoy the rest of your day!

Value Yourself

Just needed to share this. Saw something the other day and it wasn't so cool. Learn to treat your spouse well...
Value is one word most people like to see, hear and talk about. They tell you how you should value something or someone without knowing that the moment you cast yourself on the ground, people will walk on, and horses won't mind to ride on too.
Some others loose theirs, unknowingly. They think they've got it all together and go on with their everyday life activity, and later wonder why they don't get the result they suppose to get. Its all in the way you keep yourself..I think.
Sometimes, we let the people that are dear to us reduce our lives and make us lose our sense of thinking. You may be surprised to imagine if its true; sorry to break to you... It is.
It is true that, someone you love ( you think loves you) can manipulate you and make you do things ordinarily is wrong  to do.
You bring yourself constantly to his demands and exploits as it were, or make…

I'm so excited I have my blog!
For awhile, I have been trying to log into my blog but I have not been able to for months. But thank God that I'm back on now and I promise, you'll see more of me..

Love Is Rest

To love someone is to let go of yourself and dive into the arms of the one whom you've ready your heart and mind to live for. Its the place of peace and pleasure. You'll find so much rest when you are in the right arms and love is not abused, not neglected,  not ashamed but proud in the one in whom you have to do. So are you in love? Have you found that kind of love that can never die? Its one thing to be in love and its another thing to remain in love..

Find more about-   HOW TO LOVE AND REMAIN IN LOVE every other day.

Can love be bung?

Someone asked me the other day.. Love doctor, ( .. As they usually call me)  can a person's love reduce? And What could possibly be the reason? I answered, Well..  in as much as love grows, it can reduce and  starts  to die, eventually becomes weak and then remains weak if nothing is done to improve its state. I told her, people bung up love without  knowing they  do. How can love be bung up? She asked again. i told her.. There are little things people do in relationships that might not be healthy for the relationship, things that don't matter in your mind, might do in his/hers.
Let me give you an example so you'll have an idea of what I'm talking about. Here's  two people in relationship having a conversation ..
Before i met you, i use to like her a lot, (another girl) i was this close to asking her  out before you came into my life..
The nest time you say the same thing and added..
Wow! She's still single and working close to me now, in fact she ca…

Love is deep..

No one ever rejects/walks out on love.
It binds us all together like it never meant to break free.

It deepens and softly tenders its word,
with passion and compassion with truth.

I love you is the word you'll always hear from me,
 even when I'm happy or sad,
 weak or strong,
near or far,
When I can't touch your hands to feel,
and when I can't see your face to remember.

I still know that...
I love you...

Love is glue

Love is all there is really after every other thing is gone.
It can be the #glue that'll stick and never #break away..

Effort is needed if its important..
You'll only know your worth when you
See the amount of work invested.

Time is indeed perfect for everything.
I realised along time ago that..

It takes time to make everything alright.
#manage your #time,
Give it to what its worth;
And watch it produce peace and laughter
For you..


In a walk with a woman.
Do not give her reasons to doubt,
Because she will.
Do not give her negative vibes,
Cos she will feel..

Once she looses trust,
Forget the love, because
 pepper is not all the ingredient
 you need when making a soup.
Be true to her at all cost.

DONT! Let her hear 'it' from
another lips what transpired,
tell her first. (..the woman also, do likewise).

.. Every time we see, our love strengthens and grows. It gets understanding and desires more- presence of the one that consumes it.. This is the way to keep the fire That burns in our hearts... There's no other. If you would communicate more, You'd love more.. If you would do the first things you did That brought you together, There'll be no end for you two..