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Water Your Garden

When a man leaves a good woman for another woman,
it is also possible that he can leave that one too to be with another, likewise the woman; and the circle continues...😌I haven't had much experiences but I know from other people's experiences that the grass is NEVER green at the other side.
It may appear to be so but the closer you get, the less you see. People make out of themselves, relationships etc what they want it to be. People consciously 'work out' their relationships, carriers etc to the standard they want. Don't give up simply because she doesn't wear her lip gloss the way the other lady wears hers. Don't leave him because you've told him countless times about an attitude that he keeps exhibiting. Everyone is unique and you will never find someone as special as the one you're with right now. So if you see something, you like something, bring it home and tell them "hey baby, could you try this? Or can we try this? I think it will be c…

Road Trip

There are certain people divinely brought our way by God to stay with us forever. This people may not be our life partner, (husband or wife) but friends carefully selected to help make our journey well and great.Along the way sometimes, we let our guards down and let ourselves  fall for their care and personality. We let ourselves feel and become sentimental judges and glory in our self righteousness that maybe it was planned to happen.Okay so after you recognize that this wasn't meant to happen, you correct yourself, right your wrongs and leave, whereas you were supposed to be in their lives...Personally, I appreciate people who see their mistakes and correct them and go on to do the right things, I hold them in high esteem. They get my respect without apologies.I rather roll with someone who still stick around although been hurt by the one who's by their side than the one who thinks your life is a road trip and Everytime he needs to pass by, he shuttles through and out. Know…

Drink And Don't Think

Is this the end of the road or we're beginning a thing? You ask yourself...Is it true that you've grown to love so much and can't live without or you put up the act mainly because you wanna leave?
Asking yourself these questions??
The years have gone by with memories and moments that took you off your feet, leaving you with scars and pain, with joy unspeakable  and a box of regrets...? 
Let it burn...
Let it burn...! If you wanna love someone, bring it all out and show it beyond doubt that you mean all she/he sees in your eyes. Without fear, without hurt let your voice be heard, even though there are times when love is tested, there, you hold on...!
But there are others hurting, filled with rage and pain because they've been broken over and over, let it burn.
Burn it all out until there's nothing left to feel.
Cry, reminisce but get to the point and let it go. You know why? Because you deserve better, you deserve to be happy and loved, so there's absolutely no ne…

Sex Appeal

Some men are afraid to be around intelligent woman, so they don't question their actions and give them wise counsel and be their ambassadors when they're not around, they actually see it as a future problem and a tret while others see it as a huge blessing and relieving from necessary duties.
They are proud to know, their women are capable and wise to fix things while they're away.So they go on to settle for a life that obviously knows nothing about anything and tell anyone who cares enough to give them attention that they are in love.Love??? Lol, I call that package lie, yes! That's what I call it because even that wears off eventually.Don't be oblivious to your surroundings, that this world has grown passed that. intelligence is the new sex appeal. Wise men seek it, finds it and hides it in their treasure box. No man wants a sub-standard spouse, those who did it came out of it forcefully, others were able to mend with time. But the world is almost out of time and…

The Journey, Not The Ending.

Most times, the good stuff comes wrapped in ugly clothing's,
you need to look real hard beyond the surface (ugly) to see the beauty.The closest person to you might be all  the sweetness you need for a life time.
Sometimes, your heart doesn't hold much for them but it gets better with time. As long as you keep the tune, you will dance the dance of a king and
enjoy the harmony as you listen to the beat continuously...You may break a few times, tossed and neglected, but they only find out true gold after been tried by fire. You don't need to burn to be refined, you just need the heat to be strong, and for someone to know, you can go through fire with them if it comes to that.Remember, the best times are in the little beginnings of life; the journey, not the ending, You must recognize that.#brillsxpressions.     Love Well...
(Brilliantine Wilcox)

Take The Test

First, I'd like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you, you've been a huge support.
Thank you for holding on strong with me, I must say I've made progress and it'll keep getting better.
Lying on my bed, a lot of things came to mind and I want you to see them. It has never been easy being who we are and the choices we make. often times they take a toll on us but still, we keep up cause life has taught us so.
Sometimes we give up the job offer, business ideas, and opportunities for the sake of loved ones for fear of separation.
Missing out on the trainings that would've caused that dear one to still hang in there with us, unknowingly to us we let it happen.
As time fades, we look back only to find  empty spaces here and there; meaning -  they've long gone and we cant reach those ones we stayed for, because we gave up our best and settled for less.
Just then we realize that, that opportunity would've kept the fire burning between if only we took it, we would've m…

Your Other Friend

Let me be your other friend
You can call on
Run to
Be yourself with
Without fear of rejection
And separationLet me be your other friend
Your pillar and pilot as we journey along
Your comforter through every storm
And the arms always open to hold you And be your coverletLet me be your other friend
Through and through
Let me be your hero
So you don't have to be in the fightLet me be your other friend
As the morning wakes
And whispers a smile
To sooth your soul
And calm your heart
So you don't have to be alone
And cry once moreYour other friend
Just and true
Your other friend
True and real
Your other friend
Always you can beacon
In the deepest of hours
In times of day and of night
Your other friend I wanna beYou see I don't ask for much
I just want to reach
The part where you hurt in your stomach
And take all the troubles and such
So you can also stand again and preachLove well
(Brilliantine Wilcox).