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Love Is Rest

To love someone is to let go of yourself and dive into the arms of the one whom you've ready your heart and mind to live for. Its the place of peace and pleasure. You'll find so much rest when you are in the right arms and love is not abused, not neglected,  not ashamed but proud in the one in whom you have to do. So are you in love? Have you found that kind of love that can never die? Its one thing to be in love and its another thing to remain in love..

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Can love be bung?

Someone asked me the other day.. Love doctor, ( .. As they usually call me)  can a person's love reduce? And What could possibly be the reason? I answered, Well..  in as much as love grows, it can reduce and  starts  to die, eventually becomes weak and then remains weak if nothing is done to improve its state. I told her, people bung up love without  knowing they  do. How can love be bung up? She asked again. i told her.. There are little things people do in relationships that might not be healthy for the relationship, things that don't matter in your mind, might do in his/hers.
Let me give you an example so you'll have an idea of what I'm talking about. Here's  two people in relationship having a conversation ..
Before i met you, i use to like her a lot, (another girl) i was this close to asking her  out before you came into my life..
The nest time you say the same thing and added..
Wow! She's still single and working close to me now, in fact she ca…