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Meet Me Half Way

Meet me half way
Meet me beside the well
Meet me behind the wall
Where I stumbled and fell
Because of road shattered wheel
That hung high the pool
and sway me to my fallMeet me please
For no one could
And I am hoping on hope
To send you as my pop
Of comfort and cheer
To cherish me dearMy hands are weak
My eyes grow dem
As the hall is full of din
Meet me halfwayHelp straighten my way
When I fall on the hall wayI'm counting on you
For I hope in God and you
To send an angel like you...This is dedicated to all the children all around the world who's got no one to care for them.
Show love to every child you see because every child is your child...© Brillsxpression.    Love Well
(Brilliantine Wilcox)

Hundred And Ten Years (Episode 5)

I would visit miss Felicity whenever I'm around to discard her garbage mostly Saturdays and I make sure her block is the last I attend to.I have me clean her block myself when I spotted, took notice of her.
She is reserved, very reserved. Intelligent and beautiful.Her wisdom is beyond me. she's well mannered, she carries herself gracefully. She knows who she is, she has a perfect understanding of where she's headed...This kind of woman is for keeps for all times I said to myself.
I could go on and on about this  wonderful soul seating here today guilty of nothing.... I was there, every step of the way. I listened to her talk about you Francis. Before Felicity could speak five words,. she'd mentioned your name four times,. other times,. if it was a hundred she had to say, you'd be the words hundred she'd say...All those times I draw near to her, I said to myself... "what manner of woman is this, that even distance and lose of contact didn't matter to her?…

Hundred And Ten Years (Episode 4)

There was silence, both cried deeply and helplessly as they could not look themselves in the face or eyes...
Francis was rapt by the intense feeling surrounding them, lost in himself and thoughts and wondered what he'd ever done that's beyond forgiveness...
I thought love is kindness, forgiveness and selflessness. I thought we had 'forever - love'.
I knew in my heart that we will never part ways, it was certain,  it was crystal clear, we had it all together, we made it together.
We made the frames, we built the walls and shielded it against intruders... It was you and me both against the world, it is still even now, I've never stopped seeing us that way.
Oh! what happened to us!!  As he wept sour. He continued still in his mind... What happened to this love that gave us everything?
All this signs seem to say we've lost it but I don't want to give you up, I want to be your man still Felicity...
Hmmmm I wish the heart's got a voice to speak for Francis so Fe…

Five Thousand Pieces (MERCY)

I will be gone
Not for long
Because your face
Every day I want to see.
And my journey
Is without honey
Because I go where
You cannot come.So I stayed waiting for you
With memories fading,
And my tears washing away
In the cold and ranging storm,
I bowed out to adore the hope left
To encourage my strength and destroy the pain... ...Just a step forward
There you were at my doorstep
With another you've promised a life forever, To stay in your tomorrow.
So to stay is not With you...But you stood there and cried
As tears rolled down my face
For you said you wanted me but, you Ended up with another.And to you, you've wasted my time. Shattered my hope,
Left me in the cold with a heart of gold and this heart you've broken in Five thousand pieces and
All you could scream was MERCY!!! I sat there looking at you as I wondered How my heart which was whole (one Piece) is now five thousand pieces could Heal in a moment.At this time... I could only hear one voice, very loud screaming... …

Blood As Ink (Thewritersmind)

Heart and words
Eyes and mouth
The contest between
The Mystery unknown
But shown to us
From the beginning
For it is not so for others
As they cannot fathom
Our depth of knowledge
As we feel our words
And pour it out on paper
With our blood as ink
And our words as weapon
Mild enough to heal the wounded
Strong enough to take a stand
With our blood as ink
And our words as weapon
We go to war
For the sake of love
We lay aside
Our pride our home
As our blood is now blue
Made of patches here and there
We sing our cries
And dance our praise
For others do not know
And never will understand
Only those with blue blood
Whose hands are ever ready
Ready to write their life
Ready to tell the moment
Of all the events
Existing, existed and non existence
They see the world
They know the words
They put it down
So we can all read
When our mouths
Would not speak it
When our hearts can beat
And our mouths can't say
The words we carry
But felt in our actions
And carried away in peace
Yet not all know…

Mind Game

Another day, same day! (It's Monday but different date).I came in contact with alot of people over the week with the same challenge and that got me thinking.After talking with a few deeply I found out that the real reason for the issues they're having is holding on to something that doesn't want to hold on to them, mehnnn! You've got to let it go, that's the only way I repeat, that's the ONLY way to survive.In order to make out of that situation alive, you'll have to tell your mind, your heart, head, in fact!
You have to tell you're entire body what you want, give them 'THE INFORMATION' you want them to have and it will be so.Stop given too much love when you don't have enough for yourself. It's only fair if your love is rejected and you fall back to selflove and find it's enough for you that you don't have to look for another to fill you up and tell you you're enough and that you're better. The only way to self enough-…

Start Again

Hello everyone,How do you say NO! to someone or something you don't want? Especially when it's tempting and 'very' attractive??Allot of times we make mistakes by accepting the things we don't want because we were pressured to and probably forced into accepting responsibilities for what we didn't sign up for.As long as you keep your mouth shut, you'll keep bringing to you all the things in life you don't want. As long you don't speak up, you'll become the house where everyone dumps their dirt.I use to ask people... How much does it take for one to say No? What's the cost for speaking up and letting everybody know your intentions?? Because I don't think it's so much of a big deal to create a world of your own, not letting anyone tire it down with their words, hands or attitude towards you or even forcing you to do stuffs that you don't wanna do...NO is a good answer sometimes, you should learn to say it when it is needed irrespecti…

That Lie...

What do you have to say? What will be your excuse? What will you use so you can deny your existence of failure?
Rejection? Repetition?? No capital??? Etc
Whatever your reasonsare (at least what you choose to call it), it ain't worth it. It ain't worth it at all.

Throwing all you could ever be away and for what? Mere challenges....???

I get it, at some point in our lives we feel things and tend to wanna leave the path we're on for another destination we know nothing about.
At such times, you try and remember who you are and where you're coming from and the things you haveto do to and shut that voice!

Shut that voice that says otherwise... Shut that voice that says you cannot make it cause you don't know how to-do it...
Reach for your goals and make them a reality.
Don't GIVE UP.
Dont ever think for one second that you cannot do something  right the first time, don't settle for that lie.
Remember how you felt when you saw the vision and decided to follow it. The j…

Keep Trying

I almost didn't remember how to do this anymore, I guess somehow I got frustrated due to the fact that I couldn't login into my blog.
Got a project on going and all of a sudden it got burned for same reason.
I stayed up most nights thinking about it. Should I continue? What's the use if I can't keep up??
I recalled a friend telling me to keep trying, 'who knows one of these days I might get it right'. I took his advice and since I couldn't sleep tonight as usual, I decided to try again and boom! I'm back on just like that.
Allot has happened over a month. Some things I would like to share but first, I want to keep it real, as real as possible. No lies and no cheating. This has always been the way for me.I was running the 'Valentine's Special' until what happened happened. I really hope I'd continue cause times' far spent and I need to move (move on to other activities).

But never mind, at some point, will throw in other people's writ…